The future of renewable energy is here.


1. The next generation of wood pellets.

Our Arbacore pellets have been specially developed to replace or mix with fossil fuel in coal-fired power plants. Arbacore is produced using a steam explosion process in which the wood fibres are broken down and lignin, the binding agent in wood, is released. You have similar solutions with torrefaction called torrefied pellets. This produces pellets that are brown, almost black, with a higher energy content and a film that makes them water-resistant. During pulverisation, the particles become so fine that they are more similar to coal than the regular white pellets.

2. Keep the power station, lose the coal.

Arbacore shares many of the properties of coal. This makes coal biomass co-firing, or a complete switch to renewable energy production, easy, cheap and fast. Arbacore can be transported, stored and handled in the same way as coal. In addition, only slight modifications are required to use existing equipment for, e.g. pulverisation and combustion.

3. Black is the new white.

Arbacore’s black pellets have many benefits compared to the equivalent white pellets. The most important is that they are water-resistant, which facilitates outside storage and handling. Arbacore contains approximately 40% more energy per cubic meter than traditional white pellets, which reduces CO2 emissions and saves money throughout the supply chain. Finally, their fire risk and potential for self-ignition is virtually non-existent.

4. Ideal for balancing the sun.

Arbacore allows power plants to increase power generation faster than when using coal and is therefore the perfect source of renewable energy when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing.