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Arbaflame, the next unicorn?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

During the IEA (International Energy Agency) Energy Transition Summit on New Energy Economy in May, Arctic Securities had selected 12 early-stage energy companies under the heading; The next unicorn? Arbaflame was one of these 12 companies.

"All these companies are sitting on a technology that solves a problem. In addition, they are scalable. These are companies that we believe can make a difference, and that we believe have good solutions," said Lars Edvard Høgestøl, corporate finance partner at Arctic Securities.

Read more in Finansavisen:

Our Chief Project Officer, Kristin Amalie Brørs, presented the market situation for coal replacement, the role of coal in the energy mix, and how Arbaflame has a proven technology that can support phase out of coal.


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