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new CEO Steve Paulsen

We would like to welcome our new CEO Steve Paulsen:

"As Arbaflame embarks on a phase of commercial expansion, I am enthusiastic about stepping into the role of CEO to contribute to this new chapter in Arbaflame's journey.

I’m bringing with me experience garnered over almost a decade with Siemens, where I held crucial roles, including head of operations in energy, oil & gas solutions. My leadership journey also includes CEO at EnFlow AS and six years in private equity.

Arbaflame, with its innovative technology to produce a green coal substitute from sawdust with comparable properties to traditional coal, holds immense promise. This alternative fuel source not only aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainability but also addresses the critical need for eco-friendly energy solutions. My firm belief in the potential of Arbaflame's technology drove my decision to take on the role of CEO.

Our collective objective is clear: to grow Arbaflame into a leading position in the market for sustainable energy solutions. The landscape is evolving and Arbaflame is well-positioned to be a trailblazer in providing cleaner and greener alternatives.

I am committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within the organization. By leveraging my experiences in both corporate and private equity environments, I aim to bring a dynamic and results-driven approach to Arbaflame. Our success will not only be measured in financial terms but also in the positive impact we make on the environment and the energy landscape.

I look forward to working closely with each member of the Arbaflame team, our partners, and stakeholders."


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