Revolutionise your power plant by keeping it the same.

Our swift conversion makes your power plant ready for Arbacore advanced wood pellets. Replace or mix coal with clean energy. The choice is yours.

1. The next generation of wood pellets.

Our pellets have been specially developed to replace fossil fuel in coal-fired power plants. Unlike ordinary white pellets, they are water-resistant and have a significantly higher energy content.

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2. Keep the power station, lose the coal.

Arbacore pellets can be transported, stored and handled in the same way as coal, while utilizing existing equipment for pulverising and combustion.

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3. Black is the new white.

Arbacore contains approximately 40% more energy per cubic meter than traditional white pellets, which reduces CO2 emissions and saves money throughout the supply chain.

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”Thunder Bay GS went from fossil fuel to renewable with only two months outage.” 

The world’s first Arbacore conversion is in full operation. Arbacore is our brand for the next generation of wood pellets. We produce brown – almost black – pellets, using steam explosion.

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Arbacore in two minutes and eleven seconds.

Why is Arbacore a game changer for your plant and our planet? Watch the film and see for yourself.