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Image by Adam Vradenburg


the transition to sustainability

The next generation of bio products


Recycling bio-waste from sustainable forestry into renewable energy and bio chemicals


The world must move quickly to reduce CO2 emissions. Coal is the single biggest source of CO2 emissions from energy and the single biggest source of electricity generation worldwide. Phasing out coal is key to reduce emissions, and clean energy alternatives is vital to secure energy supply.

OUR solution

We produce pellets from sustainably sourced forest residuals (sawdust) that can replace coal with minimal conversion cost, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


When we produce pellets, we also make bio-chemicals used in products such as bio-plastics, food flavoring, polymers, solvents and fish feed.

Our technology

Patented technology creating a pellet with similar characteristics to coal, giving a significant positive impact on logistics, storage, handling and utilization. Higher volumetric energy density and better durability than alternative products.

 Tested & verified at more than 12 power plants in Europe & North America.

1. The next generation of wood pellets

Our Arbacore pellets have been specially developed to replace or mix with fossil fuel in coal-fired power plants. Arbacore is produced using a steam explosion process in which the wood fibers are broken down and lignin, the binding agent in wood, is released. A similar solution is torrefaction, making torrefied pellets. These process creates pellets that are brown, almost black, with a higher energy content and a film that makes them water-resistant. During pulverization, the particles become so fine that they are more similar to coal than the regular white pellets.


Why is Arbacore a game changer for your plant and our planet? Watch the film and see for yourself.

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