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Arbaflame with new shipment of pellets to replace European coal

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The Norwegian company is turning forestry waste into high-grade, sustainable pellets that can replace coal in power plants. Now it has delivered its third shipment to Europe.

Arbaflame is a Norwegian technology company started in 2006. The company has developed a patented steam explosion technology, turning biomass waste into sustainable pellets with similar qualities as black coal, which can be used directly in existing coal-fired power plants.

On November 10 the company made its third commercial shipment to the European continent. 4,400 tons of ArbaCore wood pellets was delivered to a major French utility that will use the pellets as a direct replacement for coal in its power plant. Arbaflame’s steam exploded pellets can play an essential part to reach the targets set by power utilities for replacing coal with sustainable energy.

The price is not disclosed but reflects the current high market price of energy.

– “We are happy to see strong commercial interest in our ArbaCore pellets. Coal must be replaced with green energy, and we believe our pellets can be crucial for making the transition possible. We are now ramping up our production capacity to supply the European market. It’s exciting to see how our Norwegian technology is using biowaste to help solve the world’s biggest environmental problem”, says Arbaflame CEO Yngvild Billing.

The pellets, which are made from forestry residuals and produced at Arbaflame’s factory in Grasmo near Kongsvinger, Norway, have an energy density of 76 percent compared to hard coal. Because the biomass is sustainably sourced, there is no net emission of CO2 when combusted. The only CO2 emissions come from production and transportation, so the net CO2 emissions are more than 90 percent lower than for coal. Compared to conventional white wood pellets, an older form of coal replacement, the Arbaflame pellets have higher energy density and more similar qualities to coal. That means they can be used in existing coal plants without needing to rebuild or modify them. Also, unlike white pellets, Arbaflame pellets can be stored outdoors.

Arbaflame introduced their pellets to the commercial market this summer, after developing them since 2010. After seeing high demand from European coal consumers, the company is now scaling up their production, and planning to increase the production capacity by building additional production plants with the Arbaflame technology in the coming years.

For more information, please contact:

Kristin Amalie Brørs, CPO of Arbaflame

About Arbaflame

Arbaflame is a Norwegian technology company recycling bio-waste from sustainable forestry into renewable energy and bio-chemicals. With unique product properties and conversion benefits, Arbaflame offers a sustainable alternative to coal in coal-fired power plants as well as in various industries. The production process yields high-value bio-chemicals that can be used in bioplastics, food flavoring, polymers, solvents, and fish feed.

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